Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Our Keepers at Home group made soap Monday night.  I "taught" since I had experience making and selling soap at the homeschool craft show a few years ago.  We did the basic melt and pour method, making 3 different types, as required in the Keepers handbook (Fragranced & Colored, Moisturizing, Body Scrub). There are many good websites out there for beginning soap makers if you're interested.  Here are the 3 "recipes" we used:

Some of the soap we made

Basic Soap with Fragrance and Color  (The frog and turtle-shaped soaps)

4 oz. White glycerin soap base
Green soap dye
Eucalyptus Mint soap fragrance 

Conditioning Soap (The pink soaps)

8 oz Olive Oil glycerin soap base
Wine soap dye
Vanilla Pomegranate Essential Oil

Honey Oatmeal Body Scrub  (The square floral soaps)

8 oz. Goats Milk glycerin soap base
2 Tbs. Honey
1/4 C. finely ground Oatmeal
Vanilla soap fragrance
Gold soap dye

In our hour-and-a-half meeting, we had just enough time to do the lesson, make three trays of soap, cool them (quickly in the freezer) and package them.  The girls enjoyed themselves and the soaps came out looking and smelling really nice!  We left one of each soap along with a note as a goodwill gesture to the church where we meet.

With this project finished, the girls completed their Soapmaking badge and will receive those at the awards ceremony in June.  So far, Cupcake has completed the silver level badges for Soapmaking, Horses, and Rubber Stamping.  She is in the process of earning badges for Embroidery, Baking, Cake Decorating, and Cooking. 

Cupcake working on her Embroidery project