Monday, April 19, 2010


Welcome to Live, Love, Learn!  My goal is to chronicle our family's journey through homeschooling, and in doing so, I hope to encourage, inspire and entertain other homeschoolers.  I educated my oldest son, now age 19, from 6th through 12th grades and did a lot of learning in the process.  Now I am doing the fun stuff - Kindergarten and 1st grade! 

"Sweet Potato" is my 7-year-old son.  He is smart, sensitive and absolutely LOVES to read.  He is in 1st grade and also his first year of Cub Scouts. 

"Cupcake" is my 5-year-old daughter.  She is Mama's helper, a princess yet still holds her own with her 4 brothers!  She is in Kindergarten and also Keepers at Home

"Snickerdoodle" is my 3-year-old son.  He is a tough guy yet inquisitive, but has no interest in school unless it involves scissors and glue!

"Little Monkey" is our littlest son who just celebrated his 1st birthday!  He is content, delightful and a joy to the whole family. 

We began about 2 years ago with My Father's World Kindergarten with Sweet Potato and Cupcake.  It was sporadic and we never got onto a good schedule (my fault).  Just about the time I decided we needed to "buckle down" and "get serious" about school, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  So that put a wrench into things, natually.  Eventually I abandoned the curriculum and used generic Preschool and Kindy workbooks for awhile.  During this time, Sweet Potato learned to read, mostly on his own.  Once he was up to reading chapter books at age 6, I decided to scrap the Kindy curriculum and just start the 1st grade. 

We are currently using My Father's World 1st Grade as our base curriculum with all recommended extras like art and music.  Cupcake is working through Rod & Staff's ABC Series as well as following along with all the 1st grade topics.  When the ABC Series is finished, I am going to pull out all the unfinished MFW K units and go through the phonics portions with her so she gets that base knowledge of all the letters, sounds, blending, etc.  That should take us to the end of both curriculums around the same time and put us on track to start Adventures in My Father's World, with Cupcake using her own Math and LA.

So that's where we are!  I hope to post weekly about our homeschool adventures as well as Cub Scouts, Keepers at Home and anything else educational we get into!