Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Paper Leaf Project

When our curriculum called for making paper snowflakes a few months ago, I found a great web site where you can print out patterns for the snowflakes, making it super easy for kids (and adults!) They also have patterns for leaves, flowers and a few other things. For our Keepers at Home/Contenders for the Faith Club, we needed a craft to make as a gift to take to some nursing home residents. Instantly, this popped into mind! They were a hit with the kids, parents, and nursing home residents. Here's what they looked like: (See below for instructions!)

Paper Leaf Decoration Instructions
1. Go and follow the instructions on printing and cutting out the leaves, using colored paper in fall colors.
2. Spray leaves on both sides with spray glitter in complementary colors (gold, red, etc), let dry
3. Laminate each leaf either with an electric laminator or using instant laminating sheets
4. Cut out around each leaf, leaving at least 1/4" of plastic around the edges
5. Punch hole in each leaf and add ribbon or gold cording
It is hard to see the glitter in the pictures, but these turned out SO beautiful and sparkly!