Thursday, July 15, 2010

Faded Paper

Activity for Day 50, Sun activities: Faded Paper. You tape several objects to a black piece of paper and leave it out in the sun to see what happens. Well we started this yesteray, and it was cloudy. So we left them out overnight and it rained. BUT we still got a result. There was a little distortion also from where the tape was sticking to the paper.

Can you find the impressions of: a key, a coin, a crayon and a car-shaped Silly Band?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Ark and the Rainbow

Today we did 2 activities relating to the story of Noah and the ark. Since Daddy was home, he helped the children with the "Measure Noah's Ark" activity from Day 63. They learned how people measured things before they had rulers, which was with their arms! The length from your elbow to your finger tip is called a "cubit". Daddy measured everyone's cubit, then cut a piece of cardboard to 18" (the average cubit) and took the children outside to see how long the Ark was, which turned out to be about a block and a half here in our neighborhood. I wish I'd gotten pictures of them out there!

When they came back, we did the "Paper Rainbow" activity from Day 65. It turned out totally different from what I had envisioned! The children were pleasantly surprised as well, and took their rainbows straight upstairs to decorate their rooms! Unfortunately, I could not find my stapler, so we had to tape the ends together and they are not very sturdy, but as soon as I find that stapler, we will fix them! I highly recommend using a paper cutter also to cut the strips, especially when you're making 3 sets like I did.
One end taped together
The final product!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Birds and Boats

Well, the baby birds flew the nest! I kept meaning to get another picture of them before they got too big, but when we looked in on them yesterday, they were gone. The kids were amazed. "How could they get so big so fast?" I said, "Now you know how I feel about you!"

Yesterday we did our boat activity from Day 63 of MFW 1st grade. The kids did really well figuring out how to make a boat out of aluminum foil without instructions! I did make one of my own, but they didn't really copy mine. We tested our boats in the swimming pool. You are supposed to see how many pennies your boat will hold, but I couldn't find a quantity of pennies, so we used beans. I put a handful of beans in one boat and it held up just fine, so I figured the boats were sturdy enough! We didn't count the beans because I realized that if the boat sank we would have soggy beans in our pool! The kids wanted to float Legos and other things in the boats, but I said no to that also. It didn't help that the pool was full of algae too! So maybe when the pool is clean, if we can find the pennies, and we have time, we will re-do the boat activity!

My boat and Sweet Potato's boat

The tiny one is Cupcake's boat, but it held a lot of beans!