Wednesday, April 21, 2010


A few weeks ago, Cupcake and her Keepers group visited a horse farm to complete their Horse badge.  They did a modified requirement, so instead of really riding a horse, they learned about the saddle, how to mount and dismount, as well as make the horse go and stop, all while the horse was being led by the trainer.  My other kids and Grandma went along too.  This was especially exciting for the boys who have been really into cowboy stuff lately, and came all decked out in the new cowboy boots Nana bought them for Easter.  Sweet Potato got to "ride" the horse and the littlest boys got to sit on a different horse.  There were lots of dogs and cats at the farm, too, which kept their attention, as well as a large stone pile.  The blacksmith happened to be there that day so the kids got to see the horses getting their hooves trimmed and even brought home some of the horse "toenails", YUCK!  I can't believe how city-fied my kids are.  We really need to move to the country!

Cupcake riding

Snickerdoodle gets to sit on the horse

Sweet Potato's turn

Cupcake and one of the boarded horses