Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Relaxed schooling

Since I have been sick for the past two weeks (feeling better now, thanks) things have been really relaxed around here.  We finally started back to school yesterday, but it was an easy day of math, LA, history and watching two episodes of America: The Story of Us to review what we've learned in American history so far.  Today was another relaxed day.  Here you can see Sweet Potato working on his language book on my bed.

He was really not enjoying Primary Language Lessons and was not getting anything out of it but frustration, so I decided to switch him to a more structured language curriculum.  I chose Christian Light Education's Language Arts.  After looking through the samples online, I realized we would need to back up to 1st grade level.  However we were able to skip the first two units and start with Unit 3.  So there are 8 units, each a skinny workbook, similiar to Lifepacs.  So far he is getting through it much better and is learning more also.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

I think it is really great that the Hazells include a lesson plan for Thanksgiving week!  I really wanted to do some of the Native American games and crafts, but time just got away from us.  The children REALLY enjoyed the pumpkin science lesson, though! 

It floats!

The number of seeds really surprised us!

Week 4 - Native Americans

We enjoyed our study of Native Americans, and it was really convenient that we happened to be coming up on Thanksgiving week the following week also.  The children enjoyed Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims so much that we ended up finishing it in a few days rather than the few weeks it was scheduled!  They also really enjoyed the crafts this week.  They spent a lot of time making their wigwams and teepees.  While we at the dollar store that week we HAD to buy some Indian and "settler" figurines so they could play with everything.

The Wigwam Village

The Teepee Village

Of course this also inspired them to dig out the Lincoln Logs to make cabins and forts for the "settlers".  All in all, a very creative and memorable week!

Week 3 - Jamestown

Our paper Jamestown model

The highlight of our Jamestown study was the paper Jamestown model we made.  We printed this project for FREE from Homeschool In the Woods.  The children enjoyed coloring it and setting it all up.  This stayed on the dining room table for a week or two.  I remember studying Jamestown when my oldest was in 6th grade and we used Lincoln Logs stood on their ends to make a replica!