Monday, June 14, 2010


One of the things we do in MFW 1st Grade is memorize a Proverb each week. The Proverbs are already scheduled for you but of course you are free to use your own memory verse if you choose. What I do is use a Print Shop program to make a one-page poster with the Proverb and a cute border (applicable to the verse, if possible) and hang it up so we can see it each day. This goes on our display board. I keep the current and previous ones up and when we move on to a new Proverb, I move the oldest one to an unused door in the schoolroom. They look nice all hanging up there and it makes it easy to review them!

Here are some videos of the children reciting some Proverbs that they have learned. They are really good at memorizing the words, but are still having trouble remembering the references.

This last one is a hoot!