Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A different kind of learning

This week we went on vacation, so a we took a big break from our school curriculum, but the learning did not stop.  We visited our friends in Michigan who keep lots of animals.  The children got to get up close and personal with goats, rabbits, sheep, chickens, and even a llama!  There were even baby bunnies, chicks and a baby goat for them to cuddle and hold.  But it wasn't all fun and games.  Sweet Potato went out each morning to hunt for eggs for breakfast.  They learned that you have to keep the baby chicks warm with a heat lamp.  They noticed that the llama and sheep were very good friends.  And they saw a goat drinking it's own urine like a water fountain.  Now that's education :-P

We also visited Tawas Point State Park, which is home of Tawas Point Lighthouse.  Unfortunately, the lighthouse was closed, so we couldn't go inside, but the children enjoyed walking barefoot on the beach of Lake Huron instead, even though it was about 45 degrees with a lot of wind.